A super light and simple to use plugin for show you Facebook and Twitter feeds in few seconds, just insert the Facebook page ID or username or the Twitter account name, group name or hashtag and you're done. Choose from 4 layout types, 4 designs and 50+ options. Very fast with focus on performance, load only the required css and js files. Take a look now.

Insert the Facebook page id or the Twitter account name and you're done

No need to setup any PHP or server side file, only HTML

Show the stream within a slider, carousel, scroll box or as static feeds

Choose black or white skin and select boxed or the classic design

Advanced js and css responsive features for smartphones and tables

Awesome power for your feeds thanks to FlexSlider 2 and its 50+ options

Awesome power for your feeds thanks to Slim Scroll and its 30+ options

Online documentation with code snippets, tutorials and much more

We have the best support ratings and a max waiting time of 24h

You need only to insert the HTML code and you're done, also for all settings

Like for all our products we guarantee constant updates and bugs fix

Enjoy the same power and features of the HTML version also on WordPress